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this is a blog I posted on myspace a little over a year ago:


an idea inspired by the need and want for something different, something refreshing...something radical; definately not a new concept...revolutions have been going on for years...decades...centuries. People, minds, and hearts have been changed because of other peoples' efforts...because of their love...because of their willingness to die to themselves. What does that look like to you? Do you think of a specific instance in our history, in the nation's history, in the world's history? Or do you think of an instance that involves you, an ordinary person? I'm going to assume you didn't chose the latter. Why?

I'm not a deep, inspirational person...what I'm saying may not make sense or even portray my heart clearly...but, today is the day that our generation can create a revolution...continue a revolution. Allow yourself to be inspired and look outside your little bubble, whatever that may be...Do you see that everything is not all that it should be?

What do you want to see changed? Where do you want to see love taken and shared? What is your idea of REVO?

"Do not stand in the center if you do not wish to be shaken. There is always danger when the movement comes. Its force is most powerful underneath the surface, then breaks through the hardest of ground. Epic change moves from the inside out."
-Ayden, The Perils of Ayden

this is something that i wrote on January 19th of last year. this was at the start of something good that created community and change in the lives for the people involved and change for the people it affected. if you know me, you know REVO. you know its place in my life and what it created in me. so REVO...an act of love and radical change began and continued. From REVO Hilo and REVO Nashville to...well...this:

REVO propelled me into this mindset of action. Thus, I came to work for Invisible Children. An organization committed to long-term, sustainable development as well as instilling the need to act in the hearts' of American youth. Since I've been in San Diego, REVO has always been a reference for my experiences and decisions. Its carried me to this point. To a point of still asking God, "What can I do now...now that I'm here with these amazing people with incredible hearts?" I haven't given it much inclusive thought until recently. You might be wondering, "What thought?" The thought of creating a REVO in San Diego. Instilling what I saw and felt in Nashville...what I saw in the hearts of a few young people in Las Vegas on tour...what I see as the natural progression of things.

I'm asking God for clarity on this issue because I'm enamored at what He is doing with REVO. Could praying for this conflict with my desire to still be with Invisible Children. Absolutely...but I will not limit myself to only my desires. This belongs to God. Both Invisible Children and REVO. If he has me do both or one or the other...so be it. This is a good place to be.

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