its pretty much official.
dave and i have found an apartment.
its a bangin' 2 bedroom
for a relatively good price for SD.

i'm kinda takin' the leap
b/c i have no idea what i will be doing.
maybe a job with IC, maybe not.
so let the networking begin, i suppose.

at this point, yes...i'm waiting...
to hear from the powers that be at IC,
yet again.

i've applied to be the Recruiter/HR Coordinator.
nice title, huh?

since i've been back from Uganda, i've been in the office a few times to help out with some tasks that i'd probably be doing in the position i've applied for. right now, the priority is hiring roadies for the fall tour and i'm not exactly sure when its going to be a priority to fill the Recruiter/HR Coordinator position. but this is round two in going for an HR position with Invisible Children.

It seems that being involved with IC is probably the best thing that could happen to one person, but it can also be the death of that person. Due to the amazing environment and mission of IC, to come right out of school and begin working for such an organization is difficult. Mainly because Invisible Children is similar to an organization that you would want to work your way up to b/c of its solidarity and holistic approach to its mission, both stateside and in Uganda. But, with receiving a position without much professional experience and then after your time with IC, where do you go? Do you give in and move on to some corporate blah blah blah or do you create something all your own that has the favored characteristics? hm. this is something to ponder on. this is what you would call, "IC Withdrawl"...

So...do I want a job with IC so that I can continue to be involved in this subculture and ground-breaking humanitarian work? duh. But...if I don't get the job, where does that leave me?

Searching. Not settling.

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