my day.

my day has consisted of some pretty interesting events and situations. basically, i've kicked it with two girls because their significant others have been crazy slammed with work. so...nice coffee shop time and grocery shopping (for a meal that would be fixed for her boyfriend) to riding bikes and grabbing dessert at this bangin place called extraordinary desserts. i can officially be coined as the backup. and...i'm okay with that because the conversation that was had was so legit. and let me note that there is no problems in either relationship with these girls. their guys are great folks with a lot on their plate. i feel like this post is getting really awkward as if i keep on digging a hole...dangit.

well on a more serious side, i was able to go out to lunch this afternoon with tiffany. if you've read the previous entry you would know that she is the one that would be hiring for the position that i've applied for at IC. she "owed" my lunch because i've been helping out at the office with some random work so therefore this lunch was not an intentional time to talk about the recruiter position. however...it naturally came up. we were discussing some things about HR and hiring the new roadies and because we were eating there was a natural lull in conversation. during this lull, tiffany said that she was excited about the recruiter position. now...i had told myself that i would not bring it up and freakin' tiffany did...yes! so there was the opportunity to say what i wanted to say. i needed to make clear that i still desired the position. i made my point...and i do know some useful information as well as where i might fit in all of this craziness. the position is a priority even while hiring all of the roadies...it does still depend on funding...however after a rather crazy important meeting on Friday in San Fran with IC folks and important investors, this position could become a reality as well as so many other important aspects to our programs. A lot of hope is in that meeting. anyway, tiffany made it a point to say that the things that she was concerned about with me in the position are no longer issues. i was so blessed and affirmed by this conversation. so i'm stoked to be in this place right now...it feels good as uncertain still as it is. its hard to convey to friends and especially family how i'm okay with this waiting period. with IC there is so much professionalism but at the same time we are all friends and in this case...all friends trying to help each other out but having to wait on the proper circumstances to help fully. i'm not sure if that makes sense but i don't want to get into much detail. i love where i am at...and where this is going.

on another note, its hard to hear news of something from someone who still has a big piece of your heart and to know that that person is moving on. moving on because she is happy. moving on because i just don't have a say. as much as i want to fight. i can't. its not my place. so yet another interesting situation...while my life is as well moving on, a part of me is still stopped. still waiting and lingering. is this healthy? probably not. is it natural? i'd say so (in a twisted sense). so i'm happy because she is happy. i can try to move on because she is moving on. and i can still love her because...i can.


olivia said...

miss you. i'm sorry. see you soon. love you.

joy said...

i read this before i left for work this morning, and consequently, you were on my mind the entire day. i can't wait to freakin hug you. hurry up and get here. you're too long overdue.

elizabeth said...

you can.