la mesa

a lot has happened in the past week or so...
the roadies have moved into a new home in La Mesa,
a slightly more upscale area than Spring Valley
which is where we were (where we had to Evacuate from).
its a Blessing to be in a house with these people,
more importantly, a House that can accomadate 35 Roadies.
at the moment, i'm sitting Outside of Cosmo's Coffee Cafe
listening to Music.
San Diego has music.
its no Nashville,
but the {BLUEGRASS} band that played a few moments ago
allowed me to have a taste of Home...
it went something like this:

rocky top
You'll always Be
home sweet home
to me
Good Ole Rocky Top
rocky top Tennessee

it was pleasant
motivated me to Run inside
and flash my Tennessee license.
that song was enough
to Know
i Am exactly
where I am supposed
to Be.


Joy said...

i have no doubt you are exactly where you are supposed to be :)

and you should call suz. she called me tonight. she misses you.

really, we all miss you. but are so glad you are where you are supposed to be. that's where we want you. of course.

Dave Hong said...

Dear John,
It has been an honor to be your roommate. I love looking across the room and seeing you sleeping. Hopefully you're creeped out by now.

Roxie said...

ummm, this just made me cry.