common groud

it seems more and more difficult to find time to write...to write my thoughts...my feelings...my current situation and the dynamic happenings in this season of my life. i told you i would write...i told you i would express my heart more openly through the convenience of blogging. i haven't failed yet but i haven't been consistent...and i hate not being consistent. i feel the expectations of my life are weighing more heavily as i have approached "manhood." haven't i taken somewhat good care of myself since being on my own (and i use the phrase "being on my own" loosely). i haven't asked much of people if anything at all. i have pursued action b/c it has been laid on my heart...i refuse to sit by and allow a world to mute the voices of a people group. i'm not sure how to express this to some people. dual perspective doesn't really exist among two different generations. one generation is raised only to be concerned with oneself and one's family. another generation has been raised to think globally...maybe not on purpose but it happened. so how do the two generations meet on common ground? i'm not entirely sure i have figured this out yet...

...enlighten me.


Paige said...

this is the story of my life, sir.

bridging this gap continues to elude me.

i find myself excusing people by saying "it's just their generation." but why can't we challenge them to think globally as well?

i think we sometimes allow age to stop us from speaking out about these things.

that should stop.

sorry my thoughts are scattered. i just saw lars and the real girl and it's making my brain leap in multiple directions.

i'm excited for road conversations.

Paige said...

a quick follow up..

i feel like my last post made it seem that our generation is right and they are wrong.

i don't feel that way.
sometimes i do.
and sometimes visa versa.

but you're right.. a common ground must be met in order for both of these generations to teach and learn from one another.

so there's that.

olivia said...

wow this is a conflict that i have definitely been wrestling with as well. how do i make my parents understand that family is not my main concern and that other people groups and other places are very important??