california's burning

What is it about this life do I enjoy? The community...yea. The work...yea. But...having to pick up with all my stuff with about 20 other folks to escape a fire. Now that's an adventure. The area that I live and work in, Spring Valley, has been evacuated due to the southern (the Harris) fire...so we go a little north to stay with some IC staff which places us in the middle of the northern (the Witch Creek) and southern fires. 5% of the fires have been contained which I suppose is a lot better than yesterday's 0%...there is yet another possibilty of us having to evacuate the area of North Park that we are currently in. Not sure what's going to happen...but this process is building community. Even more than before I think.

Its just crazy to think that the office is in danger of being burnt down...everything that is the organization of IC is there. We have taken out the server so that we don't lose everything. But...what happens if something drastic were to happen? I guess, we will just need to play it by ear...and pray.

I love this life...always uncertain, always dangerous. Never safe...never comfortable.

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Joy said...

i was imagining you probably thriving off of the thrill...i was right.