my mouth is dry with words i cannot verbalize

I have nothing spectacular to say necessarily...but I am just wanting to write something to explain my emotions or to at least verbalize them.

I'm typically a really impatient person...and it for sure showed tonight in downtown Nashville during the July 4th celebration as I was pushing my way through 100,000 patriotic...um...people. I'm just going to say people to be nice. Anyway...I'm ready to go and I'm ready to do...but it seems my envisionment of going and doing consists of me being...not here. I am anxiously awaiting to discover my whereabouts in a job opportunity. A job opportunity that I would be more than blessed to be given...a job opportunity that will change a lot of things. More than ever, I am actually trying to not get my hopes up...but I can't help to when I feel like I have been given such a peace about this opportunity. I guess...what I am saying...is that life is real. more than ever. By Friday...which is technically tomorrow...no more than the already submitted resumes can stand up to my credentials and experience. I'm becoming aware of the fact that this time next week I will have an idea of where I stand and whether or not I'll be invited for an interview. In person. So...I'm nervous, excited, contemplative, butterfly crazy, hopeful, alive, prayerful...prayerful, and in awe of what could be. I'm desiring an opportunity that is possible...I'm desiring the fulfillment of my readiness to just go...

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olovelya said...

just go...i understand...just go (but not before we get my tattoo)