jesus @ tarboosh

Did you know that Jesus smokes hookah at Murfreesboro's own Mediterranean Cafe and Hookah Bar, Tarboosh?

Did you also know that He very much so dwells in the hearts and minds of the patrons of Tarboosh?

Young, college bound patrons...searching for hope and something to place their faith in.
Wrestling with the idea that maybe there is something in this world to believe in...in a very personal way.

Well...they are there, and so is He.


jessie said...

john, incredible.

i couldn't stop thinking about last night...it completely blew me away. i had forgotten what real hunger looks like.

it's good to know that if i need to meet with Jesus..i can find him @ 2 am with a little bit of mango/mint blowin out his mouth right here in the boro.

elizabeth said...

did you know it's time for you to update your blog? ;)