move along

In this season of my life, I'm trying to figure out or at least be attentive to what God has in store for me next...I've recently been pondering the idea of moving. Yes...moving from Murfreesboro, most definitely. But...moving away from Nashville is what I mean. "Moving away from Nashville." Not really something I had envisioned saying until I was at least...28...maybe.
As you read to the right side of this blog, under my picture...I have said that I have experienced community in this season of my life unlike any other season. I suppose its been laid on my heart that once I discover such community I should seek to instill that elsewhere. Right? Am I to just move along once I find something that embodies the character of Christ? Does that really seem fair? I suppose not...but how else will other people experience that type of community? While not fully pertaining to this subject, I can't help but to think of a sign my friend, Elizabeth snapped a picture of...

Is this a chance that I am willing to take for others? I would sure hope so. If the opportunity presents itself...the chance will be taken. I'll be moving along.

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elizabeth said...

So about that sign...it's at a construction site near my apartment. I crossed the 'don't' out in photoshop...glad you like it. glad it inspires you. glad you're my friend...you know :)