iPhone = iSuck

Yesterday was the day to end all days for some folks...

People in Nashville and I'm sure in every other city were lined up outside of the Apple Store and Cingular stores just so they can be in debt to iPhones, and if they aren't in debt because of it I wish it upon them. I was just shocked to see people like myself and in other demographics as well waiting to blow $600 on some new technology...that trust me...won't be the last of its kind or the most expensive of its kind. I've never been one to want to protest until that day...you see, protesting in the picketting sort of way, I think, is lame...and gets absolutely nothing done. However...yesterday at Green Hills Mall in Nashville, as I was strolling pass the rather ridiculously long line of people on their cell phones that apparently still worked at the time...all I wanted to do was to hold a sign with photos of children in Africa that have been forced to live in disgusting environments and have contracted a fatal disease just because they needed to drink water to survive. Thats right...I wanted to hold a sign that yelled injustice. A sign that would make a mockery of such foolish acts like buying a $600 cell phone when you could possibly realize that it only cost $1 for 1 African to have clean water for 1 year. Do I need to the math for you?

Is it ever going to be enough to just love Jesus?


elizabeth said...

Enough to love Jesus. Wow...yeah. I think that it starts within us.

olovelya said...

i agree