2 shots and 3 pumps

I went into Starbuck's today...as I normally do. Somewhat regretting every step I take into such a corporate, typical coffee shop...but looking at the lighter things in life...like the drink I was about to consume.
Last fall, I became hooked on this one drink. You see, its kinda hard to explain...but allow me to attempt it. Its simply 2 shots of espresso on ice w/ 3 pumps of coconut. No...not peppermint. Coconut. I can't stand the peppermint flavor b/c it makes me think I've drank something right after I have brushed my teeth. So, this drink...you then add water. No more than 3 quarters full...b/c anymore it will ruin the half/half and one equal you add in the end.
Well...tonite at the Starbuck's in lovely downtown Franklin...I ordered this drink, in addition to asking for a job...but that's for a later entry. She handed me my drink...but she had filled the cup with water to the top. Yea...no room for the last ingredients. Being the polite...somewhat push over individual as I am, I took the drink w/o hesitation. I began to walk over to the little "add-in station"...and I took a sip assuming I would toss a portion of it out. I stopped immediately in my path to the..."add-in station"...and was amazed at the fact that I was enjoying just 2 shots and 3 pumps. You need to understand...at this point (though I'm sure many people order this drink), I became an individual. I no longer needed to really base my drink decision on a previous experience or relationship...yes, relationship. 2 shots and 3 pumps...and water...is enough.


a year in the life said...

i'm glad you have this...i hope you use it. i'm looking forward to reading more. you are loved.

olovelya said...

individual...good...let me know how that works out for you.
miss you