slow down

..."slow down!" i tell the world.

the world looks at me and smirks,
it of course says, "are you kidding? keep up!"

the story of our lives, i suppose.
ok...well i can't speak for everyone
but this is the story of my life as of late.
God has been tossing experiences at me...
and i've barely had any time to sit
and realize the magnitude and the goodness
in each thing, each person, each conversation.

tour has just ended.
tonite was our last screening at UCLA.
3 months of touring...
3 months prior of booking...
and then 3 months prior of waiting...
have come to an end.

an end.
a thing that happens to be reoccurring in my life.
but, then its friend follows...a beginning.
weird how this beginning just began.
weird how this "end" may not even be the end.
am i making sense?
regardless, i'm on my way...
to what? we'll see...

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Ben Sasso said...

hey broseph. I hope your doing well. I think about you three all the time.