santa barbara

so yet again my attempts to keep everyone updated
has failed.
i am oh so horrible at being consistent.
right now, i am in santa barbara at jessica fairchild conrad's house
laying on the couch
about to go to bed.
tonight, we had a screening at Westmont College
and was quite an intimate screening.
unfortunately, the whole night i felt somewhat
under the weather.
fever, body aches...
the whole shibang.
thus, we went to von's and bought
chicken noodle soup and ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches.
so i guess i'm on my way to being better...

we are two weeks into tour tomorrow.
it seems like a couple months already.
a good couple months...don't get me wrong.
we have experienced so much thus far
that i wish i had the energy to explain right now
but i don't.
i can say that in the past week...
we've had a fake proposal on valentine's day,
a graffiti'ed van,
stencils to tag the towns we've been in,
and amazing fresh oranges from the
Ojai Valley.

my spirits are high but...
my energy is low.
tomorrow we leave for
San Luis Obispo...
we're only getting closer to

and remember that time that I have the best team.

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pnewton said...

i'm commenting so you know that at least one person reads your blog... :)

effing weather.

i love you.