san luis obispo

unfortunately the central coast's weather
has not been extremely kind to our SoCal mindset.
the further north we get (which SLO is as far as we go),
it seems to get colder and more rainy.
we had to endure a minor tropical storm
that blew through...which we survived...
so no worries.

on friday we had a screening at
Nautical Bean Coffee Shop.
it was somewhat expected to be
the less exciting screening for the area,
but ended up being super (or as we learned from
Cal Lutheran "sup-sup"...sounds like "soup") fruitful.
we met some solid folks that are involved in
campus crusade which is the organization at Cal Poly
that we teamed up with for Tuesday's screening.
and of course out of our dependence for people
we meet on the road...we are staying with them
for the next few nights.

since nautical bean we've seen almost
all there is to see of SLO and AG (Arroyo Grande).
we were blessed enough to stay
with my friend Peter and his parents.
they have hooked us up for sure.

after church today we went to an abandoned
insane asylum so that our photo-happy teammates
could take some creative shots.
as you can see below...it was well worth it.

the scene leading up to the great asylum near downtown SLO.

a picture of us downstairs (we have masks because of asbestos).

the hallway downstairs leading to private rooms.

the grand room of the asylum. (notice the large hole in the floor)
photos taken and edited by Ben Sasso

we have two day left
of San Luis Obispo
so a lot is still yet to unfold.
on wednesday we will be in
Orange County.

until then...


joy said...

i like that you've been updating lately. it makes me feel like i still know who you are :)

i love you. i miss you. you know this.

Anonymous said...
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guy said...

That isnt an insane asylum. It was origionally an orphanage, then later a juvinile detention facility.

Peter said...

Yes it was, but i heard someone set themselves on fire... I don't know, I'm no expert but its still creepy no matter what it was.