before i say anything...i have an announcement:

SoCal is complete. It is no longer overcome with testosterone or masculinity. We have been balanced...we have been completed. Paige and Andrea finally arrived last week...and this past week has been a whirlwind trying to get to know these two folks before we live together on the road for 3 months.
OK...now that that is done...

The countdown is on I suppose...final month of booking and polishing our route so that it is acceptable for us to actually leave on our launch date February 7th! Its hard to believe that 3 months have already passed...yea...3 months yesterday. These few weeks back in San Diego have been without a doubt reassuring of my decision to be here...though some news that I've heard this week has been less than exciting (selfishly of course)! Justin, my regional manager has decided to leave IC. He's been with IC for 3 years...one of the original Biola Boys of course (which includes Matt Provo). I could probably write a whole blog on Matt...but this is about Justin.

Justin and his wife Kira as well as the Provo's are moving to a country for 2 months for research. Let me mention that this country isn't just a country American's can work in or even live in. They are going to document and speak for people that obviously do not have a voice or even a window into the outside world. This is essentially what IC prepares its staff and supporters to do...to speak for the unspoken and discover stories that need to be told. IC fully supports Justin's decision...though, he is an integral part of the movement department this situation...this people group has been laid on his and Kira's hearts so they are moving to action.

I guess the one thing that I have struggled with regarding this...and mind you...I'm speaking selfishly at this point...the thing is is that I was looking forward to the opportunity to continue to get to know Justin and invest and be invested. I'm not necessarily saying that this opportunity has passed...but for now, it has. I'm continually encouraged by the strength and experience Justin has at 22 years of age. He has selflessly put himself out there and am anticipating good news from his new journey with his wife and the Provo's.

Work for the next month will be hard but an interesting and exciting time as a new RM is phased in who happens to make the lamest of days amazing. So...I think this is all of the news that I have for now. I'll attempt to be a bit more consistent with information. Let me end by saying that being back in San Diego after Christmas has confirmed a lot of things...and I know I am supposed to be here still. Feels good...

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